Mediterranean agriculture and global change: understanding the present, reconstructing the past and projecting the future

Eduardo Aguilera

Eduardo Aguilera est chercheur en Agronomie à l’Université Polytechnique de Madrid. Ce séminaire est organisé par METIS-IPSL.


Date de début 09/09/2022 12:00
Date de fin 09/09/2022
Lieu Salle Darcy, couloir 46-56, 3e étage


Mediterranean agroecosystems are particularly threatened by global change processes and resource depletion, and at the sime time are responsible for large environmental impacts and high resource consumption. They have distinct management, climate and soil characteristics that lead to specific emission patterns and shape the possibilities for mitigation and adaptation.

In this presentation, I will show how greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts are afected by climate and management under Mediterranean conditions. I will also show the results of our long-term research on how industrialization has affected these impacts.

Last, I will present some results of review and modeling studies on the potentials and limitations of agroecological management practices, circularity and dietary changes to tackle the challenges of the agro-food system under global change.

Informations supplémentaires

Sorbonne Université – Campus Pierre et Marie Curie
4, place Jussieu Paris 5e
Salle Darcy, couloir 46-56, 3e étage.