Unravelling the air quality puzzle in emerging markets – driving science-based policy to clean air in the developing world

Stuart Piketh

Stuart Piketh, Professeur à l’Université de North-West en Afrique du Sud et invité à l’IPSL en 2023, est spécialiste des questions de pollution atmosphérique (émission, transport et impact).


Date de début 23/06/2023 14:00
Date de fin 23/06/2023


Emerging economies have a distinct tension between the need for i) strong economic growth that is not harmful to the population, ii) sustainable environment and iii) carbon neutrality target.  To achieve this objective is complicated and it requires a good understanding of local conditions in both the development and air quality space.

Over the past decade in South Africa we have attempted to use the best available measurements and modelling techniques in assessing the risk of air pollution and the means of mitigating the impacts of emissions. This has included the use of source apportionment studies, ambient monitoring, air pollution dispersion modelling, regional scale atmospheric transport and chemistry modelling, satellite retrieval data and finally air pollution scenarios modelling.

This seminar will explore the complexities of air quality management using science-based evidence in the South African context. It will show the difficulty in applying developed world solutions to emerging

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