Risk issues of soil contamination in the context of climate change: a three-step approach modelling regional Cu speciation, Cu runoff and effect on heterotrophic respiration

Laura Sereni (INRAE)

Séminaire du LGENS.


Date de début 26/05/2023 11:00
Date de fin 26/05/2023
Organisateur LGENS
Lieu ENS – E409 • 24, rue Lhomond 75005 PARIS


Soil contamination affects large surfaces, with for instance almost 30% of European soil surfaces concerned by potential toxic elements (PTE). PTE are known to impact soil microorganisms communities and functions, especially when they are under their free or non sorbed forms. However, the effects of PTE are mainly studied at the plot or laboratory scale.

In these studies, we focused on copper (Cu) as contaminant because largely used in different sectors. Cu strongly binds to soil organic matter and is known to affect soil heterotrophic respiration. To assess risks, our aimed was to i) propose a regional map of free Cu forms, and identify the area were risk assessment might be biased when focus on total Cu content ii) asses the evolution of risks for Cu transport in freshwater with climate change and iii) highlight that not taking into account the presence and effects of Cu could be a source of continental land surface model’s Rh’s inaccuracy.

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