Planning without appropriate data and model is gambling: Lake Urmia crisis and restoration plan

Ataie Ashtiani Behzad

Lake Urmia is the second-largest hyper-saline lake in the world. Lake Urmia’s water level has dropped drastically from 1277.85 m to 1270.08 m a.s.l (equal to 7.77 m) during the last 20 years, equivalent to a loss of 70% of the lake area.


Date de début 03/12/2021 12:00
Date de fin 03/12/2021
Lieu En présentiel et en ligne


In 2013, the Urmia Lake Restoration National Committee started implementing certain management practices to stop the drying trend of Lake Urmia, resulting in the cease of water level drop and stabilization of LU condition in 2016.

Nevertheless, the restoration actions have not yet raised the lake to the water level as planned by the roadmap.

An increase in water level and a relative improvement in Lake Urmia’s condition have been observed since 2017. It is an undecided and controversial issue whether the recent positive trend of Lake Urmia has been because of the ULRNC activities, or it is a natural contribution of climate factors variations.

The talk sheds some light on this issue and describes the Lake Urmia crisis and examines the success of the restoration plan.

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