Summer temperatures and land-atmosphere interactions in Europe

Annemiek Stegehuis

A seminar organised by the geosciences department of the ENS with Annemiek Stegehuis from the LGENS team on the influence of reduced winter land-sea contrast on the mid-latitude atmospheric circulation.


Date de début 12/04/2022 11:00
Date de fin 12/04/2022
Organisateur Helene Rouby
Lieu En salle Froidevaux - E314  – 24 rue Lhomond, ENS


In this seminar I’ll talk about my work on summer temperatures and land atmosphere interactions in Europe, were we tried to quantify the role of atmospheric circulation and soil moisture on summer temperatures. Furthermore we evaluated a regional climate model for simulating heatwaves and studied the effect of different atmospheric parameterizations. Afterwards I’ll go back to land-atmosphere feedbacks and look at the impact of hot summers on vegetation and that of vegetation on the atmosphere.

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En salle Froidevaux – E314  – 24 rue Lhomond, ENS