Eddies and Linear Kinematic Features: How do they re-shape Sea-Ice Growth and ocean dynamics in the Arctic?

Josue Martinez Moreno

Josue Martinez Moreno, Ifremer.


Date de début 19/10/2023 11:00
Date de fin 19/10/2023
Organisateur LOCEAN
Lieu LOCEAN (campus Jussieu), couloir 45-55, 4e étage, pièce 417


Sea-ice ocean interactions occur at a diverse range of temporal and spatial scales, through a wide range of processes. In this seminar, I will first show evidence that the sea ice roughness becomes more heterogeneous in the presence of eddies by using an idealised re-entring channel simulation (NEMO + SI3). An increase in the strength of the eddies leads to a more spatially variable sea-ice cover during the freezing period and it is capable of modifying the variability of the ice thickness over winter.

The impact of eddies in the sea-ice processes will likely become more important as the Arctic transitions towards an open-ocean regime. Then, I will present a quantification of the impact sea-ice leads (openings in the sea ice cover) have on the ocean surface in the Arctic. To do this, we use a 1/60° pan-Arctic simulation, where we mask the LKF to compute the buoyancy flux and water mass transformations associated with the LKF and contrast it with the surrounding ocean.

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Sorbonne Université, Campus Pierre et Marie Curie (Jussieu)
Couloir 45-55, 4e étage, pièce 417