The MOPGA seminar series

Are cities on track to net-zero emissions? The next generation of greenhouse gas information systems

Thomas Lauvaux, LSCE-IPSL

Metropolitan areas represent a large fraction of the global fossil fuel emissions. Supported by international consortiums, local governments play an active role in reducing GHG emissions at the local level, but tracking progress of mitigation actions is more tedious and more prone to systematic errors than previously thought.


Date de début 06/09/2021 00:00
Date de fin 06/09/2021
Organisateur Rainer Kiko, Sorbonne Université
Lieu En ligne, 16h


Atmospheric monitoring of GHG in conjunction with air quality networks brings a new source of information, more readily available and more comparable across cities than traditional inventory approaches. We present here the most recent successes and challenges over Paris, illustrated by the impact of two successive confinements in 2020, but also Mexico City, Los Angeles, and Indianapolis to track changes in urban emissions at various timescales.


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The “Make Our Planet Great Again” program is a French – German initiative to foster climate change research and to support the implementation of the Paris Agreement. Within the “Make Our Planet Great Again” program, researchers from all over the world work together to improve Earth system observations, to detect impacts and suggest strategies to mitigate and adapt to Climate change and to find new solutions for the Energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable resources.

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