The organisation of IPSL is defined by the latest agreement signed by the various supervisory authorities of the Federation's laboratories. IPSL has several governance bodies.

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees, renewable every five years, is composed of a representative of each of the signatories of the IPSL federation agreement. The trustees of IPSL fall into two categories, ‘steering’ authorities or ‘partner’ authorities.

The ‘steering’ group is responsible for monitoring and directing the overall IPSL project and provides the significant resources necessary to carry out the seven transversal missions.


The director of the IPSL is appointed by the Board of Trustees on the proposal of its president, for a period of 5 years renewable once. He is assisted by deputy directors who act under his responsibility according to the strategic orientations of the federation.

The Management Committee

The Management Committee (MC) is made up of the Unit Director, the deputy directors, the directors of the laboratory units (or their deputy directors) and the communication and training managers for the unit.

The IPSL Council

The IPSL Council (C-IPSL) brings together the management team; the IPSL management committee (IPSL management team, all the directors of the federation's laboratories, the communication and training managers); the manager of the IPSL ‘Education’ section; the managers of the scientific themes defined during the IPSL 2020-2024 prospective; the managers of the modelling and observation centres; the manager of the ESPRI analysis platform; the heads  of the communication activities and climate services; and finally, the project managers of the EUR (research and training components).

The External Scientific Council

The External Scientific Council (ESC is made up of experts who represent the scientific and technical activities, chosen so that all the disciplinary fields of the FR are covered.

The Staff General Assembly

It includes all the staff of the unit: all permanent and non-permanent staff assigned to IPSL, working on the three main sites.

Governance and Organisation