IPSL provides high-quality, recognised research training that attracts talented students both nationally and internationally to study issues related to the climate system, climate changes and their impacts, building on the ongoing and new innovative research conducted by the IPSL Climate Graduate School (IPSL-CGS) and the "Sciences de l'environnement d'Île-de-France" doctoral school (SEIF).

The education activities aims to raise the masters about climate issues to the same level of visibility and attractiveness as the research conducted at IPSL and to better interface them with doctoral schools.

They are organized into six actions, around a federation of masters, the display of an international pathway, the development of an original post-master / pre-doctoral pathway, a support for the SEIF doctoral school, with new pedagogical practices based on active learning, and a follow-up of students throughout their pathway, in order to initiate future networking.

IPSL-CGS Virtual School

The Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace Climate Graduate School (IPSL-CGS) brings together many of the most esteemed scientists in the Paris area working in the field of climate change. It provides an exceptional opportunity to prepare for a master or a doctorate degree and to work with cutting-edge research laboratories and internationally recognised institutions highly placed in the Shanghai ranking of world universities.

Since 2020, the IPSL-CGS invites international undergraduate and master students to its IPSL Virtual Spring School on “Climate Change: Challenges and Issues for the Earth Sciences”.

Training in Environmental Sciences

The study of Earth science is a subject that requires solid knowledge in several basic scientific disciplines: physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology mainly. The development of theories, of models and of observational networks demand a wide range of skills needed in a variety of careers: engineers, technicians, researchers, teachers, teacher - researchers and administrative agents. IPSL offers training courses in many institutions of the Paris area, both in the core disciplines and in the environment specialized field.

Training in Planetology

The planetology course focuses on comparative planetology and related disciplines (such as astrobiology). This training is both inter institutional (universities, research institutes) and interdisciplinary (physics, chemistry, geology, biology...). It is aimed both at students wishing to acquire solid knowledge and tools to orient themselves towards research in the field of planetology as well as those who simply wish to extend their general knowledge to this fascinating field. The IPSL is involved in the Île-de-France Doctoral School of Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Job opportunities

The training involving IPSL staff offer opportunities both in the professional fields as in the research area.

Linking research to education