The IPSL Council (C-IPSL) brings together the management team, the IPSL management committee (IPSL management team, all the directors of the federation's laboratories, communication and training managers), the person in charge of the IPSL “Training” section, the persons in charge of the scientific themes defined during the IPSL 2020-2024 prospective, of the modelling and observation centres as well as of the ESPRI analysis platform, of communication activities and climate services, and finally the EUR project managers (research and training components).


It is consulted on the steering of the trans-laboratory research and educational and support activities. For all of these activities, C-IPSL coordinates the scientific orientations of the transversal activities carried out at IPSL and proposes a budget for these activities.


It meets at least every three months. The Unit Director may invite any person whose presence is necessary according to the agenda to the C-IPSL.

The IPSL Council