The External Scientific Council (ESC is made up of experts who represent the scientific and technical activities, chosen so that all the disciplinary fields of the FR are covered.

It is made up of at least 12 members, appointed for 5 years, renewable:

  • A chairperson, appointed by the Unit Director
  • The Unit Director
  • At least 10 members, appointed by the Unit Director after consultation with the chairperson of the ESC


The CSE has an advisory role. It is responsible for proposing the orientations of the scientific policy of the unit, namely:

  • To stimulate reflection on scientific prospectives
  • To develop the scientific programme and the direction of the federative activities
  • To assist the director in establishing resource priorities
  • To coordinate and ensure the follow-up of the federative scientific activities of the research teams
  • To evaluate the projects and actions financed by the IPSL budget
  • To develop international scientific cooperation
  • To propose the creation, maintenance or elimination of common centres and services for IPSL and to decide on their organisation



Consultations can take any form, including by electronic message or remote conference.

It meets at least once every two years, and is convened by its chairperson, in agreement with the Unit Director.

The directors of the Federation laboratories and the heads of IPSL's shared centres and services are invited.

The chairperson sets the agenda, chairs the council and can invite any person outside the board to attend in line with the agenda. Its reports are circulated within the unit within a maximum of two months.

The External Scientific Council