It includes all the staff of the unit: all permanent and non-permanent staff assigned to IPSL, working on the three main sites.


The Staff General Assembly (GA) acts as the Unit Council. It is consulted by the Unit Director on:

  • The status and coordination of research programmes, the composition of the teams
  • The budgetary resources requested by the unit and the distribution of those allocated to it
  • The policy on research contracts policy concerning the unit
  • The unit's technology transfer policy and the dissemination of scientific information
  • Human resource management
  • The policy on training through research
  • The consequences to be drawn from the opinions expressed by the National Scientific Research Committee responsible for the unit
  • The educational programme for the current and the coming year
  • All measures relating to the organisation and functioning of the Unit that are likely to have an impact on the status and working conditions of staff

In addition, the GA:

  • Is consulted prior to the establishment of the internship report of the CNRS public officials appointed to join the corps of engineers and research technical and administration staff (ITA).
  • Gives its opinion on the appointment of the Unit Director.
  • Receives communication of decision statements from the External Scientific Council.
  • It may attach a report with observations on the section to the evaluation report on the unit by the National Scientific Research Committee.
  • It is kept informed by the Unit Director of the policy of the CNRS institute(s), as well as the scientific policies of other supervisory institutions and their impact on the future development of the unit.

The Unit Director may consult the GA on any issue that concerns the unit.


The GA is chaired by the Unit Director. It meets at least three times a year, is convened by the Unit Director or at the request of at least 1/3 of its members, with an agenda previously defined and distributed to staff.

The invitation along with the agenda must be sent by email 15 days before the meeting date. The documents for discussion will, as far as possible, be sent within the same deadline.

The Unit Director can consult with the GA by e-mail between meetings.

The subject of the consultation is to be included in the agenda of the meeting following the consultation and is recorded in the minutes (PV). If applicable, the exchanges relating to the consultation will also be recorded in the minutes.

The minutes are to be sent electronically to all members of the GA within eight days and are also to be validated electronically within eight days of communication.

Only members present at the GA are authorised to validate it (Note: This means keeping a roll call).

The Staff General Assembly