Paname 2022 on YouTube : Episode 2

Since 13 June 2022, the measurements of the Across project have started. The objective of this project is to improve the existing knowledge on the interactions between urban and biogenic air masses, originating from surrounding forests such as Rambouillet.

The expansion of cities and the ever-increasing urban population are actively contributing to the deterioration of air quality through increased pollution. These urban air masses interact with those of the forests located on the outskirts of the cities. Scientists do not yet know whether this interaction has a positive or negative impact on air quality. The Across project team therefore hopes, through the measurements made this summer, to gain a better understanding of this issue in order to improve existing air quality models and, ultimately, to develop better strategies for urban air. These improvements could in the long run save lives.

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Across project
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Vincent Michoud

Inter-University Laboratory for Atmospheric Systems