Mozaika : Amazing storms

A small guide to budding storm chasers

IPSL presents a new edition of Mozaika dedicated to storms: ten articles along with oil pastel illustrations to understand where storm clouds come from and the functioning of all related meteorological phenomenon. How are storm cloud formed? How high does it live? Why will you not see a hurricane over London? Why thunder? What is the size of the biggest hailstone ever measured? With this guide, get to learn storms like the back of your hand and level with the greatest storm chasers.

Find all the articles in English on the dedicated page, from the cumulonimbus to supercells, the formation of hail or even tornadoes.

Do not hesitate to have a look at former editions of Mozaika.


Illustration à la pastel d'un nuage d'orage

Orage supercellulaire avec éclairs, pastel à l’huile de Camille Risi d’après une photo de la NASA, 2022.