Mars' circulations, waves, and tides from MAVEN/IUVS

Nick Schneider

Nick Schneider is in Paris, visiting from Laboratory for Atmosphere and Space Physics, University of Colorado.


Date de début 08/02/2022 11:00
Date de fin 08/02/2022
Lieu Hybride


The meeting will be hybrid (both in-person for a limit of 30 people and remote).


Informations supplémentaires

Please register here if you plan to attend, especially in-person : https://evento.renater.fr/survey/nick-schneider-s-in-…-tlp2ns3x

Lieu :  Sorbonne Université – Campus Pierre et Marie Curie – Paris 5e (métro Jussieu) – salle de Conférences de l’UFR – couloir 46-56 second floor (access by either tower 46 or 56, no badge required)

In-person attendees are asked to wear masks and windows will be kept open regularly. The seminar is set to be a 45-50 minutes presentation with 10-15 minutes for questions. Questions will be taken both from the room and from the remote chat.

To attend via Zoom
ID de réunion : 882 0676 1545
Code secret : Wkt8cc