WCRP OSC 2023 – Kigali Declaration

The World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) 2023 Open Science Conference met in Kigali from October 23 to 27 2023, bringing together over 1400 participants representing scientists from diverse research communities worldwide as well as practitioners, planners, and politicians. They discussed the current state and further evolution of inclusive international climate science, and the scientifically founded actions urgently needed to mitigate against and adapt to climate change. The conference resulted in the writting of the Kigali Declaration.

This declaration was prepared by conference participants. Its signatories acknowledge that because of human-induced climate change and other human impacts on the environment, the world is in a state of polycrises leading to cascading systemic risk and increasing inequality, with failure to limit global warming being one of the greatest threats to humanity.

The final copies of the Kigali Declaration and its Science Supplement are available online at this link:


You are invited to sign the 2-page Kigali Declaration. The link will be open for signatures until January 15, 2024.

After the signature deadline has passed, the Kigali Declaration will be printed, including the names of all signatories, as WCRP Publication No.: 13/2023. The Science Supplement will be included as an Appendix in this Report.

Catherine Michaut

IPSL international Support Unit