The exploration of the solar system and discovery of exoplanets now allow for comparative studies of Earth and its various extra-terrestrial analogues. IPSL is involved in these studies through the broad expertise of some of its laboratories (especially GEOPS, LATMOS, LISA, LMD), which incidentally allows for testing its Earth models in extreme conditions.

The investigation methods include observations, mainly from space missions, numerical modeling including global circulation models (GCM), and laboratory experiments. The "solar systems" theme is subdivided into four coupled sub-themes:

  • Extraterrestrial Climate Models: Mars, Venus, Titan, Pluto, giant planets, exoplanets;
  • Sun-Planet Relations: study of interactions between the interplanetary medium and the upper atmospheric layers of Earth and other planets;
  • Astrobiology: study of extra-terrestrial organic matter in comets, Titan, Mars, interplanetary and interstellar medium;
  • Interior-Atmospheres Coupling: study of surfaces and subsurfaces of small bodies (comets, asteroids) and planets.

Moderators of the theme

Nicolas Fray • LISA-IPSL 

Emmanuel Marcq • LATMOS-IPSL