In Earth observation - space missions, observation services, multi-instrumented observatories, major measurement campaigns and regional projects, measuring of geochemical tracers - IPSL plays a dual role:

  • a coordination role at the Ile-de-France level to strengthen the collective Earth observation activities to improve our understanding of the ‘climate system’
  • a data and service centre for the National Atmosphere Data Centre, comprising the CGTD ‘Ether’ and the ‘Climserv’ data service which form part of the ESPRI service of IPSL.


The objectives of the IPSL observation centre:

  • To use our resources for Earth observation to make progress in understanding the ‘climate system’, a system made up of the atmosphere, oceans, cryosphere and continents which interact through physical, radiative and dynamic processes, or through large biogeochemical cycles
  • To respond collectively to open scientific questions (on climate trends, processes and variability) and topical questions which involve in-depth analysis of long time-series of observations
  • To establish the necessary thinking and strategies to ensure the long-term nature of these observations
  • To coordinate our contributions to observation programmes. To strengthen these observation resources as needed and ensure their sustainability (space missions, networks, observatories, campaigns, platforms for geochemical analysis).
  • To introduce our activities into the national and international strategies of the community, and to contribute to national and international structures on data and services.
  • To increase the visibility of Earth observation projects at IPSL, to promote them, and to maintain the skills and funding necessary in this field.


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