Weather discussion now on Twitch !

The weather talk team arrives on Twitch, every Friday at 1.30 p.m. ! Follow the first on the 9th of september.

The weather talk team is happy to extend the weather discussion originally started by the LMD and the ESTIMR team at LSCE to the entire IPSL. The discussion will be held on weekly basis at Friday 1.30 PM with a duration of about 30 minutes. We have chosen an interactive and open hybrid format, featuring:

-A Twitch channel where discussions will be streamed and stored and you will be able to interact via a textual chat.Log in every Friday on Twitch to follow the Weather discussion here. The textual chat will be available only for registered users, so please register and follow our channel.

-We will stream from different IPSL laboratories, so that the inroom public could participate.

The weather discussions are held in English (but there will be French subtitles) and are thought to be a pedagogical tool to discuss about recent weather events in a climate perspective and to provide an outlook for the next week.

Our team is composed almost by early career scientists and it is open to your contributions, whether you want to animate part of the discussion or submit pictures, clips or questions for the next one.

The program for next Friday is the following:

-Hindcast: a retrospective of summer 2022 weather extreme events by Stella Bourdin & Davide Faranda,

-Forecast for the next weekend with a focus on tropical cyclone Danielle by Flavio Pons.

And the discussion will be held live in room 1129 at LSCE, Saclay


Looking forward to seeing you on Twitch !

Weather discussion team