WCRP Open Science Conference 2023: daily summary

Find below the daily summaries of the WCRP Open Science Conference held in Kigali (Rwanda) from October 23 to 27, 2023, which brought together the climate, environment and related communities to discuss the latest developments in climate science and explore the transformative actions urgently needed to ensure a sustainable future.

The scientific program, developed around 3 main themes, brought together participants in 2 plenary sessions and 10 parallel sessions each day, with a total of over 300 speakers.

To find out more, read the plenary and parallel session summaries

  • Summary – Monday 23 October
    • Opening Session (Plenary)
    • Advances in climate research
    • Global energy budget
    • Water cycle
    • Impacts on human health and urban systems
    • Attribution of changes
    • Co-produced climate services and solutions
    • Institutions and frameworks
    • The needs of and opportunities for the Global South (Plenary)
  • Summary – Tuesday 24 October
    • Human Interactions with Climate (Plenary)
    • Storms, eddies and jets in the atmosphere and ocean
    • Rapid and/or irreversible changes in the climate system
    • Advances in global and regional climate modelling
    • Advances in climate observations and model-data fusion
    • Carbon cycle
    • Climate feedbacks and climate sensitivity
    • Land use and land cover change
    • Impacts on food security and water availability
    • Connecting regional impacts and climate information
    • Lessons from failures
    • Perspectives of Transformational Challenges – Examples from the Global South (Plenary)
  • Summary – Wednesday 25 October
    • Climate and the Earth System (Plenary)
    • Global and regional monsoons
    • Ocean-atmosphere interactions: energy, water and carbon
    • Mitigation scenarios, including overshoot and climate intervention
    • Hazards and extreme events
    • Regional information – Data and methods
    • Observations for decisions
    • The Future of Climate Modelling: What is needed to address the scientific and societal challenges of climate change (Plenary)
  • Summary – Thursday 26 October
    • Climate Change Solutions (Plenary)
    • Polar processes and change
    • Atmosphere-land interactions
    • Interactions between atmospheric composition and climate, including aerosol processes
    • Lessons from paleoclimate for recent and future climate change
    • Circulation change in the climate system (atmosphere and ocean)
    • Regional climate change
    • Uncertainties in climate projections: plausibility, possibility and probability
    • Capacity Development for Climate Services

Catherine Michaut