Paname 2022 on YouTube : Episode 4

As part of the major Paname 2022 measurement campaign that began in June, the sTREEt project is looking at the impact of the stress suffered by trees in the city on the quality of the air breathed by city dwellers.

The urban environment can be a source of great stress for vegetation, especially trees. Increasingly limited space, lack of water and rising temperatures are all factors that can impact and disturb trees, and more specifically the biochemical volatile organic compounds (bVOCs) they emit. The sTREET project team is seeking to quantify these emissions and thus determine the measures to which VOCb contribute to the formation of secondary pollution, such as ozone.

Discover the project here :

Thanks to Juliette Leymarie (IEES Paris) for her participation.


sTREEt project
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Valérie Gros

Climate and Environmental Sciences Laboratory (LSCE-IPSL)