Molly Trudgill seminar: Ocean acidification and mass extinction events

Molly Trudgill

Molly Trudgill recently jioined LSCE-IPSL as a postdoctoral researcher in Paleo-oceanography. She kindly accepted to give a seminar on her thesis research on ocean acidification and massive extinction events.


Date de début 01/12/2022 11:00
Date de fin 01/12/2022
Organisateur Paleocean
Lieu salle Pe. 1129, LSCE, Orme des Merisiers, Gif-sur-Yvette


Mass extinctions have repeatedly perturbed the course of life throughout Earth’s history and have long been hypothesised to be driven by major perturbations to the carbon cycle. By reconstructing ocean pH through these events we can understand the magnitude of these perturbations and the role of ocean acidification as an extinction driver. I will present the first ocean pH reconstructions, generated using the boron isotope composition of well-preserved fossils, from the end-Triassic and end-Ordovician mass extinction events. I will discuss their implications for the carbon cycle and climate at these events, and for us as we perturb the Earth’s climate at an almost unprecedented rate.

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The seminar will be on thursday 01/12/22 at 11h in Pe. 1129. It will also be available on the zoom link below.

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