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Christophe MENKES (LOCEAN)

Titre : Fluctuations du climat océan-atmosphère présentes et futures et leurs impacts sur quelques écosystèmes marins et terrestres

Date et heure : Le 09-12-2016 à 18h00

Type : HDR

Université qui délivre le diplôme : Université de Nouvelle Calédonie

Lieu : Université de Nouvelle Calédonie, Nouméa
Membres du jury :

Claude Payri. IRD, DR1 Examinateur
Yves Letourneur UNC, PR1 Examinateur
Bernard Pelletier, IRD, DR1 Examinateur
Katrin Meissner, UNSW, PR Rapporteur
Cécile Dupouy IRD CR1 Rapporteur

Résumé :

Here we present the past 20 years of collaborative research on present and future climate (ocean-atmosphere) variability in the tropical regions with a strong focus in the Pacific basin. The research explores multiple scales, from regional oceanographic/atmospheric features at temporal scales ranging from days (e.g weather regimes, cyclones), intraseasonal (e.g tropical instability waves, westerly wind events etc.) to interannual scales such as El Niño-Southern Oscillation and to long-term trends (climate projections). We use our understanding of climate to better understand its forcing role on the marine and terrestrial ecosystems. We take the case of open ocean ecosystems from primary producers to top predators such as tuna and of the ecosystem around the development of vector-borne diseases such as dengue fever. In order to achieve these goals, we use a combination of in situ and satellite observations, global and regional atmospheric/oceanic/ecosystem dynamical and statistical models. We finally present some perspectives this research opens for the next 20 years.

Contact :
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