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Titre : Nexus of Air Pollution and Climate Change: from Global to Urban Scale
Nom du conférencier : Yang Zhang
Son affiliation : Professeur à North Carolina State University
Laboratoire organisateur : CEREA
Date et heure : 02-06-2017 15h00
Lieu : Salle de réunion du 4ème étage du bâtiment Coriolis à Champs-sur-Marne
Résumé :

Air pollution and climate change are two major environmental challenges that we are facing. Both have significant impact on human, environment, and the entire Earth system that encompasses air, water, land, ocean and ecosystem. Air pollution has become the world’s largest single environmental risk, responsible for 7 million people deaths per year worldwide. Adverse climate change such as heat wave, drought, wildfires, or compounding climate extremes will further increase annual air pollution-relates deaths. Reducing air pollution and mitigating adverse climate change will therefore save millions of lives in the world. Global-through-local environmental models provide powerful tools to simulate the sources, fates, and environmental impacts of air-pollutants such as tropospheric ozone and fine particular matter and to assess the co-benefits of integrated strategies for air quality control, climate change mitigation, ecosystem management, and human health protection. This seminar will present the latest research at the nexus of climate change and air pollution. It will cover model development, improvement, evaluation, and decadal-scale application of the state-of-the-science technology-driven Earth system model to demonstrate the current models’ capability in reproducing atmospheric observations, studying the impacts of climate change on air quality from global to urban scale, and supporting win-win emission control strategies in controlling air pollution and mitigating adverse climate change. The policy implications of the results will also be discussed.

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