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Titre : Interaction of vortices in non uniform flows in QG models
Nom du conférencier : Xavier PERROT
Son affiliation : LMD-ENS
Laboratoire organisateur : LMD
Date et heure : 13-02-2014 14h30
Lieu : ENS - Salle Conf IV au 24, Rue Lhomond - Paris 5e
Résumé :

Vortices are important structures of the atmosphere and the ocean that carry heat, mass, and biological and chemical species. They are long lived feature because of the earth rotation, which implies that they are part of the geophysical fluids' circulation. Here we will describe a basic set of simplified equations that describe the dynamics of fluids (the quasi geostrophic equation). We will thus consider first the equation analytically by treating the problem of merging and alignment with point-vortices. Secondly we will consider numerical analysis implemented with different types of models, first a spectral eulerian model and then a mixed Lagrangian-Eulerian model (CASL, CLAM).

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