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Titre : Estimation of the river bankfull depth by using a river routing model and a satellite altimetry dataset
Nom du conférencier : Takuto Shiozawa
Son affiliation : Université de Tokyo
Laboratoire organisateur : METIS
Date et heure : 25-06-2019 13h00
Lieu : METIS - Campus Pierre et Marie Curie - SU - 4 place Jussieu - Salle Darcy, 3e étage tour 46-56
Résumé :

A river bankfull depth, one of the important topographic parameters in a river routing model, was estimated efficiently by using the modeland a satellite altimetry dataset. we applied the method to the Amazon river basin, and, by a virtual test, confirmed that river bankfull depth would be improved even if the uncertainty of runoff existed. In addition, by using a real satellite altimetry dataset, we estimated the river bankfull depth and confirmed this can make the inundation ratio in the basin estimated from the model closer to that from a SAR observation. Compared with the previous river depth dataset, the estimated depth in the study was deeper by over 6m at some downstream points, and the difference will have a large impact on the flood estimation. Next challenges are to validate the method where cross-section data are available and to apply the method on a global scale.

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