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Titre : A New History of the Global Water Cycle
Nom du conférencier : Shannon Sterling
Son affiliation :
Laboratoire organisateur : METIS
Date et heure : 09-03-2018 13h00
Lieu : METIS - Campus de Jussieu - 4 place jussieu - Paris 5e - salle Darcy (tour 46-56 3e étage)
Résumé :

Water: We know that it is essential for all life on the planet. Yet, we know surprisingly little about how our water cycle evolved throughout Earth’s history. In this lecture I propose a new framework for the history of the global water cycle, and ask "how has the water cycle been altered by life?"  As we explore the answers to this question, we will examine major changes to the water cycle in Earth’s history, and how these changes altered the habitability of our planet.  I argue that this improved understanding of the history of the water cycle provides useful new perspectives for the future of our water cycle – one in which we face grand challenges in water availability.

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