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Titre : Neural effects of environmental doses of endocrine disruptors on reproductive behaviors
Nom du conférencier : Sakina Mhaouty-Kodja
Son affiliation : Directrice de Recherche CNRS à l'IBPS
Laboratoire organisateur : METIS
Date et heure : 25-10-2019 13h00
Lieu : Campus Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 5e - METIS - salle Darcy, 3e étage tour 46-56
Résumé :

In the last decades, reproductive health issues of wildlife and humans have been documented in several locations worldwide. Several examples of associations and links with exposure to chemical contaminants with hormone disrupting activities were reported. Among these endocrine disruptors, two plasticizers (bisphenol A, di-(2-ethylexyl)phthalate) and an alkylphenol (nonylphenol) are abundant organic pollutants. Experimental studies reported adverse effects of developmental exposure to these molecules on peripheral reproductive parameters. The team focused on their impact at low doses on the neural control of neuroendocrine and behavioral responses, with special attention to adult exposure. This study combined behavioral, neuroendocrine, neuroanatomical, molecular and proteomic approaches in order to evaluate the effects and define the underlying mechanisms in both male and female mice. The obtained results, showing the vulnerability of the neural circuitry that controls the expression of sexual behavior, will be presented and discussed in the light of literature on endocrine disruptors.

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