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Titre : Alkane and Cycloalkane Atmospheric Chemistry
Nom du conférencier : Roger Atkinson
Son affiliation : Professeur à l'Université de Californie à Riverside
Laboratoire organisateur : LISA
Date et heure : 09-12-2011 14h00
Lieu : Salle de réunion du LISA, UPEC, Créteil
Résumé :

Alkanes and cycloalkanes are important components of gasoline and of vehicle exhaust, and of non-methane volatile organic compounds in urban air. Alkoxy radicals are key intermediates formed during alkane and cycloalkane degradations. Alkoxy radicals react in the atmosphere by decomposition, isomerization andd reaction with O2. The products formed after alkoxy radicals isomerization have proven difficult to identify and quantify.

Our research concerning the identification and quantification of hydroxycarbonyl products formed from the OH-initiated reactions of alkanes will be presented, together with a very recent extension of this research to C7-C10 cycloalkanes.

Contact :

Bénédicte Picquet-Varrault,

Maître de conférence au LISA (UPEC)

tel : 01 45 17 15 86

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