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Titre : Paleoclimate and exoplanet simulations using the new LMD generic climate model
Nom du conférencier : Robin WORDSWORTH
Son affiliation : LMD
Laboratoire organisateur : LMD
Date et heure : 24-06-2011 14h30
Lieu : Salle de réunion du LMD/Jussieu, T45-55, 3e étage
Résumé :

Developments over the last few decades in exoplanet and paleoclimate research have highlighted the enormous diversity of planetary atmospheres in space and time. However, most modern GCMs are tuned to specific planets (e.g., Earth, Mars, Venus), so an integrated understanding of climate diversity requires new modelling tools. Here I describe a new type of generic climate model that we have developed for exactly this purpose over the last three years at the LMD. I review two of our modelling studies (Early Mars and the exoplanet Gliese 581d) in particular detail, and give an outlook for the future direction of the project, including its possible application to gas giant planets and Earth paleoclimate.

Contact :

MP Lefebvre (0144272799)