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Titre : Energy, helicity and structural complexity of vortex tangles
Nom du conférencier : Renzo L. RICCA
Son affiliation : Department of Mathematics & Applications, U. Milano-Bicocca, ITALY
Laboratoire organisateur : LMD
Date et heure : 29-03-2013 15h00
Lieu : Salle E314 du département de géoscience, ENS rue d'Ulm
Résumé :

In this talk we review some recent results based on energy and helicity calculations and their relation with structural complexity measures of vortex tangles in superfluid flows. In the superfluid context vortex tangles, either generated by a superimposed action such as that given by an ABC flow, or decaying as a consequence of some turbulence action due to kinematic modelling, can easily form complex networks of space filaments that can be analysed by geometric, topological and algebraic means provided by average writhing, linking and crossing numbers information. Interesting relationships between energy and structural complexity seem to be a generic feature of such systems and, if confirmed by further studies, may provide some interesting insight into the energy localization and transfer in homogeneously disordered systems characterised by the formation and interaction of coherent structures at all scales.