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Titre : Re-volatilization of soil accumulated pollutants triggered by the summer monsoon in India
Nom du conférencier : Qing Mu
Son affiliation : Max Planck Institute of Mainz
Laboratoire organisateur : LMD
Date et heure : 14-09-2017 15h00
Lieu : Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique, École Normale Supérieure, 24 Rue Lhomond, Paris 5eme, salle E350 (3eme etage)
Résumé :

Persistent organic pollutants that have accumulated in soils can be re-mobilized by volatilization in response to chemical equilibrium with the atmosphere. Clean air masses from the Indian Ocean, advected with the onset of the summer monsoon, are found to trigger or enhance re-volatilization of the nowadays banned chemicals hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) from background soils in southern India. The air is polluted during transport by the  southwesterly monsoon winds across the subcontinent. For HCH and dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT), air-surface exchange has declined since the ban of these substances from agriculture, but re-mobilisation of higher chlorinated PCBs may have reached a historical high, 40 years after peak emission.