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Titre : Commonalities in Global Wetland Methane Sources with a Focus on Arctic Emissions
Nom du conférencier : Patrick Crill
Son affiliation : Université de Stockholm
Laboratoire organisateur : LSCE
Date et heure : 15-03-2018 11h00
Lieu : Orme des Merisiers, bât. 701, salle 17C
Résumé :

Wetlands and ponds contribute substantial amounts of methane (CH4) to the atmosphere every year especially from high latitudes.  The land surfaces of the northern high latitude are particularly dynamic due to arctic amplification of a changing climate.  The discussion presented in this talk will, after a short introduction, focus on the challenges involved in our attempts to integrate the observations we can make of CH4 at local scales into a quantitative understanding of processes. The ability to precisely measure different elements of the methane cycle at second to interannual temporal scales and from molecular to regional spatial scales need to be successfully integrated into process level models and quantitatively constrained by top-down inverse calculations.  Here we focus on one aspect of the lager global issue by pointing out a few of the common issues of that challenge.

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