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Titre : Investigating possible mechanisms triggering Dansgaard-Oeschger Events
Nom du conférencier : Mehmet Ilicak
Son affiliation : Eurasia Institute of Earth Sciences, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey
Laboratoire organisateur : LOCEAN
Date et heure : 29-05-2018 11h00
Lieu : Campus de Jussieu, salle de réunion LOCEAN, tour 45/55, 4eme étage
Résumé :

Dansgaard-Oeschger (D-O) cycles are the most dramatic, frequent, and wide-reaching abrupt climate changes in the geologic record. On Greenland, D-O cycles are characterized by an abrupt warming of 10±5°C from a cold stadial to a warm interstadial phase, followed by gradual cooling before a rapid return to stadial conditions. The mechanisms responsible for these millennial cycles are not fully understood. Here, we investigate three different mechanisms whether or not they induce a D-O event. These mechanisms are i) increasing the Southern Ocean winds, ii) strengthen the North Atlantic Subpolar Gyre iii) a warm pool anomaly in western Equatorial Pacific Ocean. We employ a fully coupled (atmosphere-ocean-land-seaice) climate model for the MIS3 climate. The results show that Southern Ocean can change the Atlantic Overturning Circulation and induce a D-O event in 150 years.

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