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Titre : Local and nonlocal biogeophysical effects of deforestation in a climate model
Nom du conférencier : Johannes Winckler
Son affiliation : LSCE
Laboratoire organisateur : IPSL
Date et heure : 04-04-2019 11h00
Lieu : Orme des merisiers, Bâtiment 714, salle 1129
Résumé :

Land cover change (LCC), such as deforestation, influences surface temperature locally via biogeophysical effects by changing the water, energy, and momentum budget. In addition to these locally induced changes (local effects), LCC at a given location can cause changes in temperature elsewhere via advection and changes in circulation (nonlocal effects). This talk presents an approach to separate local and nonlocal effects in climate models, separately analyzes the underlying mechanisms, and investigates the relationship between idealized studies on large-scale LCC and studies on more plausible LCC extents. Furthermore, the separate analysis of local and nonlocal effects reconciles previous model-based studies that found a negative radiative forcing from deforestation and a global mean cooling, and observation-based studies that found a deforestation-induced local warming in most regions.

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