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Titre : Urban fine-scale weather forecasting reveals Amsterdam weather conditions with unprecedented detail
Nom du conférencier : Gert-Jan Steeneveld
Son affiliation : Université de Wageningen, Pays-Bas
Laboratoire organisateur : LMD
Date et heure : 26-10-2017 14h00
Lieu : Ecole Polytechnque, LMD, Salle de conférences du PMC, Aile 5 2ème étage
Résumé :

Going beyond traditional Numerical Weather Prediction that forecastweather on regional scales, we developed a weather forecasting system forthe neighborhood and street scale, the scale on which people eat, sleep,work and relax. During the summer of 2015, this system was used to producedaily a 48 hour weather forecast for the Amsterdam metropolitan area(Netherlands). Therefore, detailed information on land use and built-upmorphological characteristics was collected and made available for use inthe Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model, while WRF itself wascustomized to enable weather forecasts for domains with grid cells with adimension of 100 m. Verifying the resulting weather forecasts against 24urban weather stations and the Schiphol airport rural reference stationsrevealed that the Urban Forecasting System is able to determine the impactof urban morphological characteristics and urban spatial structure on localclimate. Comparing the forecasts on domains with grid sizes of 100 m and500 m significantly improves weather forecasts on computational domainswith more conventional grid spacings of 2.5 km and 12.5 km. Most notably,fine-scale weather forecasting improves forecasts for neighborhoods thatare characterized by the proximity of water surfaces and urban sites thatare characterized by presence of green spaces such as city parks. Inaddition, I will show how the forecasts can be used to develop an HealthyUrban Route Planner for cyclists in Amsterdam. Based on the WRF output, theroute planner guide cyclist from their origin to destination via thecoolest or less polluted route. Finally I will briefly announce the SUBLIMEsingle column model intercomparison for the urban environment.