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Titre : Vertical air motions and raindrop size distributions retrieved during TWP-ICE using vertically pointing profiling radars
Nom du conférencier : Christopher WILLIAMS
Son affiliation : NOAA/CIRES, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
Laboratoire organisateur : LATMOS
Date et heure : 22-03-2011 14h00
Lieu : LATMOS - UVSQ - 11 bd d'Alembert - 78 Guyancourt - Amphithéâtre Gérard Mégie
Résumé :

Vertically pointing profiling radars (profilers) observe the vertical structure of precipitating cloud systems as they pass directly overhead.Profilers are part of the instrument suite used in NASA Precipitation Measurement Mission (PMM) Ground Validation (GV) field campaigns to identify and diagnose the reflectivity vertical structure during convective and stratiform rain regimes.

The raindrop size distribution (RDSD) throughout the rain column can be estimated from collocated profilers operating at 50-and 920-MHz. The 50-MHz profiler directly measures the vertical air motion while the 920-MHz profiler measures the Doppler motion of the hydrometeors.

The vertical air motions and RDSDs retrieved from the profilers near Darwin, Australia, during the Tropical Warm Pool International Cloud Experiment(TWPICE) will be presented.

Contact :

Anni Määttänen, LATMOS (