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Titre : ERDDAP (the Environmental Research Division's Data Access Program)
Nom du conférencier : Bob Simons
Son affiliation : NOAA NMFS SWFSC Environmental Research Division
Laboratoire organisateur : LOCEAN
Date et heure : 17-03-2014 10h00
Lieu : UPMC, Salle IPSL du rez de chaussé tour 46
Résumé :

Environmental Research Division's Data Access Program (ERDDAP) is a tool that can read from a variety of the most common data transport standards, and can output the data in a wide variety of formats used by analysis and visualization applications as well as in scripts. ERDDAP can be used without having to maintain and install additional libraries to the application. ERDDAP technology already is in use providing data to researchers in animal tagging and tracking, chlorophyll bloom watches, stock assessment, and climate analysis in the ocean through scripts for R and Matlab as well as web-browser based Live Access Servers. ERDDAP is also is being looked at for part of the technology used in the Cyber Infrastructure of the NSF funded “Ocean Observatories Initiative.”

ERDDAP is being used by more than 38 institutions, and the original implementation is at

Contact :

Thierry Valéro