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Titre : Did we create vulnerable systems? The case of French crop production under observed climate change
Nom du conférencier : Bernhard Schauberger
Son affiliation : Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
Laboratoire organisateur : LSCE
Date et heure : 17-10-2019 11h00
Lieu : Orme des Mersisiers, room 1129 (building 714)
Résumé :

French crop yields have increased tremendously since 1900. Yet in recent years, several key crops like wheat, oats or sunflower have shown signs of stagnation - that is, they grew tired of growing. The reasons for this stallment in growth are elusive.
 We elicit whether an increased vulnerability to climate conditions may have contributed to recent stagnation. Climate extremes might be crucial here.
 We find that undesirable climate conditions are more frequent today than a few decades ago. Independently, the sensitivity to these adverse conditions seems to have risen. In sum, our findings indicate that hopes for future yield increases are challenged by climate change.