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Evénement: 2018 Ocean Salinity Science Conference

Evénement: Catherine Kissel receives the EGU 2019 Petrus Peregrinus Medal

Evénement: First Workshop on Water Vapor Isotopes

Evénement: François Forget, recipient of EGU David Bates 2014 medal

Evénement: Jan Polcher becomes GEWEX SSG new Co-Chair

Evénement: NICE Spring school

Evénement: Naomi ORESKES Seminar - "Marchands de doute"

Evénement: New IPSL organisation (from January 1st, 2009)

Evénement: Olivier Talagrand, recipient of EGU Lewis Fry Richardson 2014 medal

Evénement: Ozone Press realease

Evénement: Seminar "The role of computing in climate science"

Evénement: Statistical and mathematical tools for the study of climate extremes

Evénement: The 2011 Ozone day

Evénement: Workshop : "From the stratosphere to the ionosphere: coupling, boundary conditions and assumptions"

Evénement: Workshop IEEE 2014