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Regional site for the observation of the atmosphere and for instrumental developments

QUALAIR is a platform for observing the atmosphere, established by two of the IPSL laboratoties (LATMOS and LPMAA) in central Paris, on the roof of the university site of Jussieu, with the support of the Pierre et Marie Curie University (UPMC).

Its location in central Paris allows the study of air quality and of the processes responsible for the pollution in large cities. The platform also aims at understanding the processes responsible for the production of secondary pollutants (ozone, organic secondary aerosols, ...) and at evaluating the dispersion, transport and modification of pollutants in conjunction with modeling.

The platform is also used to develop and test innovative instruments adapted to the environmental challenges, to validate, in an urban environment, the satellite data (for a better integration of these data in air quality models and to complete measurements of pollution made from the ground by AIRPARIF.

Finally, the presence of such a platform on a university campus permits the development of teaching units not only in atmospheric sciences but also in the basic scientific disciplines (optical signal processing, molecular spectroscopy, ...).

See the QUALAIR web site (in french)