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First Workshop on Water Vapor Isotopes

Date : 16-10-2013 to 18-10-2013
Location : CNRS, Gif sur Yvette



Presentations :

Topic 1 : Surface water vapor measurements & data distribution

Eric Kerstel: Water vapor isotope ratio measurements at low water concentration by means of optical feedback cavity enhanced spectroscopy

Eric Kerstel (7.90 MB)

Doug Baer : Recent advances in instrumentation for continuous measurements of isotopic water vapor

Doug Baer (20.75 MB)

Kate Dennis : Utilizing cavity ring-down spectroscopy for high -precision analysis of the triple oxygen isotopic composition of water and water vapor

Kate Dennis (1.10 MB)

Vladislav Bastrikov : Web database for publishing and sharing water vapor isotopes monitoring data


Topic 2 : Evaporation and oceanic moisture sources

Hans Christian Steen-Larsen : What controls the water vapor isotopic composition of the marine boundary layer ?

Harald Sodemann : To what extend do we understand the moisture source imprint conveyed by isotopic parameters?

Harald Sodemann (6.96 MB)

Arny Sveinbjörnsdottier : Issues with isotope-enabled General Circulation Model’s ability to simulate observed water vapor isotopic composition in Iceland

Chun-Ta Lai : Influence of winter storms and Santa Ana winds on the isotopic composition of near-surface atmospheric moisture in San Diego, USA

Chun-Ta Lai (777.27 kB)

Minghu Ding & Jingfeng Liu : Latitudinal variation of atmospheric water vapor isotopic composition along the Chinese-Antarctica transect (31N-69S) and its significance on the water cycle

Topic 3 : Atmospheric water vapor transport

Xuhui Lee : A large-eddy simulation study of water vapor isotopes in the atmospheric boundary layer

Xuhui Lee (5.30 MB)

Marion Benetti : Stable isotopes of water vapor during the STRASSE cruise in the sub-tropical North Atlantic. Atmospheric boundary layer composition in relation to local evaporation.

Jean-Louis Bonne : Isotopic observations of water vapour and precipitation in Ivittuut, Southern Greenland

Martin Butzin & Martin Werner : Water vapour isotope monitoring at Kourovka Observatory (Western Siberia), a model-data comparison

Gabriel Bowen : Mapping atmospheric water transport with water and water vapor isotopes

Gabriel Bowen (1.60 MB)

Samuel Jonson Sutanto : Hydrologic processes governing the changes in isotopic composition of water vapor during ENSO events

Atsushi Okazaki : Interannual variability of δ18O of water vapor in West Africa and its relation to ENSO

Atsushi Okazaki (903.39 kB)

Obbe Tuinen : Added value of using IASI q and δD data to constrain LMDZ processes during different MJO phases and different degrees of convection

Obbe Tuinenburg (1,005.28 kB)

Jesper Sjolte : Open questions about deuterium excess: the annual cycle in models and ice cores

Jesper Sjolte (1.94 MB)

Jing Gao : The controls of precipitation δ18O in the southern Tibetan Plateau

Jing Gao (6.26 MB)

Jung-Eun Lee : Stable isotopes over East Asia: modeling and data

Jung-Eun Lee (20.68 MB)

Topic 4 : Atmospheric water vapor isotopes and interactions with the biosphere

Max Berkelhammer : The nocturnal water cycle in an open-canopy forest elucidated through continuous measurements of the isotopic composition of water vapor

Max Berkelhammer (43.66 MB)

Christiane Werner : On-line water vapor and chamber based δ18O measurements to partition evapotranspiration and testing the Craig-Gordon equation in a semi-arid environment

Cynthia Gerlein : Isotopic equilibrium between precipitation and water vapor: evidence from continental rains in central Kenya

Topic 5 : Remote sensing of water vapor isotopes in the atmosphere 

Matthias Schneider : Do we understand tropospheric δD remote sensing products? Examples for NDACC/FTIR and METOP/IASI

Cyrille Flamant : Can concentration profiles of water vapour isotopes be measured in the lower troposphere using a differential absorption lidar?

Vyacheslav Zakharov : Regarding retrieval of columnar δD and δ18O in the atmosphere from ground-based FTIR spectral measurements in near IR

Jean-Lionel Lacour : δD observations from IASI/MetOp: retrieval strategy, results across the globe and comparisons with other measurements/instruments

Topic 6 : Water vapor isotopes and clouds

Elisabeth Moyer : Water isotopic measurements for cloud microphysical studies 

Peter Blossey : Clarifying the Amount Effect

Peter Blossey (5.41 MB)

Camille Risi : The added value of tropospheric water vapor isotopic measurements for process-oriented evaluation of convective and cloud processes in climate models

Camille Risi (1.61 MB)

David Noone : Signatures of microphysics and transport processes from measurements of isotope ratios in clouds.

Topic 7 : New methods for comparing observations and simulations

Kei Yoshimura : Isotope data assimilations: Possibility and problems to be solved

Amaelle Landais : The added value of 17Oexcess measurements in understanding cloud processes

Amaëlle Landais (901.86 kB)

Martin Werner : Simulated present-day trends and variability of water vapour isotopes

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