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Field campaigns


The COCCON Paris campaign will take place in the Parisian area from April 27 through May 16, 2015. COCCON aims to investigate the impact of urban emissions from a megacity on atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxyde (CO2) and methane (CH4).

ChArMEx 2013

ChArMEx program, which is part of the meta-program MISTRALS (integrated Mediterranean studies at regional and local scales), aims to better characterize the pollution of the Mediterranean basin and to identify sources, aggravating factors and the impact on the environment at near and long term.

NEEM 2010 (05-08/2010)

The North Greenland Eemian Ice Drilling - NEEM - is an international ice core research project aimed at retrieving an ice core from North-West Greenland (camp position 77.45°N 51.06°W) reaching back through the previous interglacial, the Eemian (115 000 years ago). The last NEEM campaign ended in August 2010. On July 27, bedrock was reached.

International Campaign of Mercury’s exosphere observation 2

Sodium de Mercure

Campaign to prepare the observing strategy for the selected BEPI-COLOMBO instruments in which LATMOS / IPSL is involved and to prepare the interpretation of their future measurements.