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Title : Advances in our understanding of ocean acidification across spatiotemporal scales
Name of the speaker : Lester Kwiatkowski
Affiliation : LOCEAN
Laboratory organizer : LOCEAN
Date and time : 04-12-2019 11h00
Location : Campus de Jussieu, salle de réunion LOCEAN, tour 45/55, 4eme étage
Summary :

The uptake of carbon by the oceans affects marine chemistry via ocean acidification, a process that increases concentrations of CO2, H+ and HCO3-, and reduces levels of pH and CO32-. These seawater chemical properties are of critical importance to various marine ecosystems. Although Earth system model projections of long-term mean pH are well constrained, we have very limited understanding of the corresponding changes in the temporal variability of ocean carbonate chemistry. I will present findings from recent work, which shows that the amplitude and phase of ocean chemistry seasonal cycles can be dramatically influenced by climate change. During this century, if atmospheric CO2 continues to increase, the seasonal amplitude of pCO2 and [H+] is projected to nearly double in typical surface waters of the ocean, with contrasting and regionally variable changes in other carbonate chemistry parameters such as pH and Ωarag. In the Arctic Ocean, where acidification is projected to be most severe, I will present evidence that Earth system models may still be underestimating the future anthropogenic carbon inventory and associated extent of acidification. Alongside this I will show how the seasonal cycle of Arctic Ocean pCO2 may be in near antiphase with that presently observed by the end of the century under a business-as-usual emissions scenario.

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