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Title : Hurricane monitoring using controllable atmospheric ballon
Name of the speaker : G. Meneghello
Affiliation : MIT
Laboratory organizer : LMD
Date and time : 11-06-2018 11h00
Location : Ecole Normale Supérieure, 24 rue Lhomond, salle E314
Summary :

In-situ observations of tropical storms (hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons) are essential for improving both storm’s forecasts and our understanding of their genesis and development. Despite the continuous development of satellite based products, in-situ observations represent an essential contribution to the initialization of forecast models. They are also difficult, costly, and dangerous to obtain: the design of in-situ observational platforms often requires a tradeoff between persistency — the ability to observe for a long period of time — and controllability — the ability to direct observations to particularly interesting areas. We will talk about how swarms of buoyancy-controlled atmospheric balloons can be employed as an observational platform with the ability to bridge the gap between persistency and controllability.

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