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Title : Reduced river discharge intensifies eutrophication in the Indian Estuaries
Name of the speaker : VVSS Sarma
Affiliation : National Institute of Oceanography (Visakhapatnam, Inde)
Laboratory organizer : IPSL
Date and time : 25-06-2015 11h00
Location : salle de réunion LOCEAN, tour 45/55, 4eme étage
Summary :

Estuaries are intermediate zones between sea and land. The phytoplankton biomass in the estuaries depends on the nutrients inputs, stratification and turbidity however, the latter two are more important than former. It has been noticed that decrease in rainfall over Indian subcontinent due to weak monsoon resulting in occurrence of phytoplankton blooms of >40 mg m-3 in the Indian estuary due to consequent increase in stability of water column and reduced suspended load. Resilience towards the unwanted phytoplankton bloom and overall health of the Indian estuaries is thus tuned by the variability in monsoon rainfall and dam regulated discharge. Such a condition is likely by the build-up of more dams and other large-scale climate driven features. During this talk I would like to present high-resolution time-series observations carried out in the Indian estuaries and on-going programs to understand biogeochemistry of Indian estuaries.