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Which climate for the future ?

What is climate? What is greenhouse effect? Are human activities changing the climate? Is this a matter to discuss? Has it already changed? Can we predict the climate of the future? What will happen if it changes? Will we know how to adapt? Who produces greenhouse gaz, how much and doing what?

Here are the topics covered in this exhibition. Researchers who designed it wished to answer these questions as accurately as possible, relying on the state of knowledge that we have today of the Earth climate machine.

The exhibition was created in 2006 during the International Year of Physics. It was designed for 11-15 years old pupils but can also be used in other contexts. A team of researchers working on climate sciences in IPSL laboratories, assisted by teachers and artists, have put a bit of their passion to create this exhibition showing the state of our knowledge.

The authors and designers : Valérie Masson Delmotte (LSCE), I. Beconne (Librairy in ntony), François-Marie Bréon (LSCE), Juliette Lathière (LSCE), Didier Paillard (LSCE), Jean Poitou (LSCE), Hervé Le Treut (LMD), Jean-Pierre Geneviève (Académie de Versailles) et Gilles Bogaert (LLR), avec Laurie Prévot et Yannick Waechter (.cubbik).

The exhibition was supported by LSCE, LMD, IPSL, CNRS, CEA, MRT, University of Versailles-St Quentin, Ecole polytetchnique, Académie de Versailles, CNES.

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