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Organization Chart

The current structure is based on four scientific units, a data center, an entity comprising the observation services and the national tools and working groups. This structure is likely to evolve under the responsibility of the new director, by the end of 2008. One idea that should emerge is putting forward three structures whose vitality is essential: climate modeling and its contribution to the next IPCC report, observing facilities whose activities will be coordinated by an entity that would also integrate the data center, and space and instrumental activities, centered in Guyancourt, with a mission of service towards the IPSL community and beyond. With aspects related to education, these three axes, whose structure will be strengthened, should constitute the pillars of IPSL for the period 2010 - 2013.

This structure will be supplemented by thematic units, such as those existing for the medium scale processes (PROMETEE Unit) and for planetology and solar system studies (PSS), together with working groups. Following the enlargement of IPSL and the need for coordination in some areas (for example the study of biogeochemical cycles), new units of this type are expected to emerge.

The IPSL organization chart will thus be available vy the beginning of year 2009.