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Executive committee

The Executive Committee is composed of the director of the research federation, directors of units, the chairman of the Scientific board and the heads of federal poles. It meets at least once a month. The director may invite any person whose presence is necessary according to the agenda to attend the committee.

Prior taking decisions, the director has to consult the Executive Committee. The invitees do not vote. The minutes of the executive Committee's works should be circulated within the IPSL within a maximum period of one month.


Members of executive committee

Director of IPSL : Hervé Le Treut

Assistant directors :

Jean-Louis Dufresne (modeling)

Marie-Alice Foujols

Martial Haeffelin (observations)

Nicole Papineau (spatial and instrumentation policy)

Laboratories directors :

Vincent Cassé, LMD

Eric Chassefière, GEOPS

Patrice Coll, LISA

Elsa Cortijo, LSCE

Philippe Keckhut, LATMOS

Anne-Marie Lézine, LOCEAN

Darek Lis, LERMA

Jean-Marie Mouchel, METIS

Christian Seigneur, CEREA

Assistant directors :

Marc Bocquet, CEREA

Philippe Bousquet, LSCE

François-Marie Bréon, LSCE

Valérie Ciarletti, LATMOS

Christophe Colin, GEOPS

Patricia Delville, LMD

Sylvie Derenne, METIS

Karine Desboeufs, LISA

Noël Grand, LISA

Frédéric Hourdin, LMD

Marie-Noëlle Houssais, LOCEAN

Christof Janssen, TASQ / LERMA

Luc Musson-Genon, CEREA

Luc Ortlieb, LOCEAN

Eric Quémerais, LATMOS

François Ravetta, LATMOS

Fayçal Rejiba, METIS

Gilles Reverdin, LOCEAN


President of the scientific board : Eric Brun

Directors of OSU :

Sophie Godin-Beekmann, OVSQ (Versailles Saint-Quentin)

Laurence Eymard, ECCETERRA (Paris Centre)

N., EFLUV (Paris-Est)

Representatives of poles and services :

Pascale Braconnot

Cathy Clerbaux (ESPRI)

Philippe Drobinski (pôle "regional climates et environnements")

François Forget (pôle "système solaire")

Catherine Senior (communication)

Director, Gis Climat-Environnement-Société : Sylvie Joussaume

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