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Title : Convective boundary-layer parameters over heterogeneous conditions: theory, measurements, applications
Name of the speaker : Ekaterina Batchvarova
Affiliation : National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) Scientific Secretary Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Laboratory organizer : Labex IPSL
Date and time : 28-05-2014 11h00
Location : Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau - LMD - salle de réunion du PMC au 2e étage
Summary :

This seminar is organised in the frame of Labex L-IPSL

The analytical models of boundary-layer height, energy exchange and profiles assume homogeneous surface conditions. Such models are used in weather forecast and mesoscale meteorological models over territories where this assumption is not fulfilled. One way to reduce the overall uncertainty due to parametrisations’ restrictive assumptions is to increase the resolution of the models. Another way is to look into the parametrisations and the aggregation methods.

Therefore, dedicated studies are needed and were performed during the past 15 years for different convective boundary-layer parameters as height, turbulent fluxes, wind profiles in different areas – boreal forest, urban and coastal sites. The issues of flux aggregation, representativeness of measurements, role of different type’s heterogeneity and profiles are studied. As example, here the accuracy of meso scale models for local scale applications as wind energy is demonstrated on the example of wind profile measurements with 1-km range Doppler lidar (WindCube) in coastal and urban sites.

The current development of observation technics with high resolution in space and time opens another area of research – automated analysis of boundary-layer parameters. The collaboration between NIMH and IPSL started on this topic within COST ES0702, and now continues with an ACTRIS project and the new COST ES1303 action.

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